Out with the Old… in with the New

There are many reasons why our restumping, raising, lowering and house levelling services help Queenslanders feel right at home!

One of the most common issues homeowners call us to fix is when they have problems with windows and doors not opening properly or sometimes when they open too freely. When we visit homes and walk through them, sometimes the flooring structure bounces around, up and down.

When homes change owners is often when Glenn and the house stumpers from Hoses get called in.

Every time we switch on our televisions today, home shows provide us with the inspiration to make your new investment your own, through a quality renovation or act of repurposing.

If you need accessibility or you’re looking to lift your home and build in underneath, taking stumps out and changing the room configurations or making room for your car under your house is possible through the effective use of steel or wooden laminated beams.

If you’ve got old wooden stumps under your house that contain dry rot, termites or are sunken and past their use-by date, a call to Hoses is just what the doctor ordered.

Glenn and the Hose Restumping, Raising, Lowering and Levelling crew are south-east Queensland’s ‘House Whisperers’, which means ‘they know how to talk house’ and understand what your home is trying to tell you.

At Hoses, we listen to you. We’ll book your job in, address your problems and have your home where you need it to be in next to no time.

When it’s time to repurpose or renovate, give us a call or email us and we’ll contact you!


Have you just moved in or are you regularly inundated by water? If your home or office space is impacted by flooding, call us about lifting it up out of harm’s way. Flooding impacts many Queensland communities annually and the costs incurred each time are often substantial. Why wait until it’s too late, call Hoses and get a quote about lifting your home above the flood level.

What do our clients have to say?

We have engaged the team at Hoses to complete various major demolition works over a number of years and have no hesitation in recommending Dave and his team for future projects as our preferred demolition contractor.

Wayne Kleidon Managing Director WK Projects

We keep coming back to David, Meryl and their team at Hoses because the jobs that they take on are always done right and that’s how things should be!

Robert Olds Managing Director WM Olds & Sons

We have engaged the team at Hoses to complete various major demolition works over a number of years and their level of service is always very friendly, prompt and professional.

Wayne Kleidon Managing Director WK Projects

It’s great to recommend Hoses, a company with a good track record over many years!

Robert Olds Managing Director WM Olds & Sons

We have engaged the team at Hoses to complete various major demolition works over a number of years and their attention to Workplace Health and Safety is to the highest standard.

Wayne Kleidon Managing Director WK Projects

We Know What We’re Doing

Hoses are fully licensed and have over 50 years of experience in taking your house off its stumps and carefully putting it back again. We are licensed by the QBCC and work to Australian and New Zealand standards – AS/NZS 4801.

We understand mitigating risk is a big consideration for house proud homeowners and that is why we are fully licensed and insured for the works undertaken including the physical works undertaken and the liability that the project entails.

Ask us at the time of quoting, we are happy to detail our professional and insurance credentials.

Check Out Some of Our Recent Work

We make our own Concrete Stumps

Hoses manufacture precast concrete stumps. Our range of 8-inch (200mm x 200mm) square concrete stumps are available in various sizes from 6-inch (150mm) lengths to 12 feet (3600 mm) options. Concrete stump sizes within our range increase in 6-inch(150mm) increments.
Hoses have been precasting concrete stumps for over 30 years and have built a solid reputation of supply with many of our restumping competitors through Queensland choosing our stumps over other options. This is due to the quality and fit for purpose solutions that we have designed and created.

Hoses precast concrete stumps are built to comply with engineered specifications. Hoses’ concrete stumps are reinforced, with tie-down points available at the top and side of all stumps. The concrete is 32 mpa in strength and vibrated for extra strength and to create a stylish and quality finish.

We have a large range of sizes in stock for immediate delivery or call by our depot and collect what you need.

Remember if your job requires large numbers of specific size options, give us a call and place an order. Turn around time is between 10 to 14 days depending on the quantity and sizes options required and the time needed for your order to cure.

Pipe Posts

We’ve been installing house stumps for many years and over that time you get to know what works effectively and what doesn’t. That is why we also manufacture our own pipe and box section stumps.

Irrespective of whether your soil is highly reactive or very stable, we manufacture a stump that is fit for purpose, from the inclusion of cyclone rated tie-down points, to fixed size or adjustable posts. Pipe posts are considered a space-saving option, so if you want to maximize the space under your house, consider pipe posts to allow you more room to accommodate the lifestyle that you live.

Other Options

Many areas around Queensland are renowned for their heritage connections. We cater for that need as well by selling and installing either quality repurposed hardwood stumps or new hardwood treated posts.

Other ways to separate your house from the ground include core filled concrete blocks or bricks. While we don’t do this ourselves, we can recommend qualified tradies who do. Whatever you decide, our team will help you make your house a home that not only you, but your neighbours will admire for generations.

Restumping FAQs

Can I reside in the house whilst the project is taking place?

Yes, you can still live in your home whilst we replace the stumps. There will just be slight movement and noise of tools and machinery and the like throughout the duration of the project.

How long will the job take to do?

The number of stumps that need to be replaced will determine the length and time for the work to be undertaken. For a full restump, we can usually have work completed within 5 to 10 days from arriving on site. Smaller jobs of approximately 15 stumps or less, usually take between 3 to 7 days to complete the project.

What is better? Timber, concrete, or steel.
That one almost always falls under the category of “personal preference” of the owner. We can recommend what style of stump we think will be best suited for the job, however, it is entirely the owner’s preference.

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